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A Possible Plan to Fix Our Ailing Democracy?

February 11, 2019

It is quite obvious that our democracy is suffering.  The political process is broken.  The polarization is so strong that nothing gets accomplished.  The political attitude seems to be ‘win at any cost’ – rarely do we see constructive debate and true compromise.  Is this blog we have talked about specific issues and possible solutions, but not a grand comprehensive agenda for moving forward.  So it was with great interest that I read a recent article that described a plan put forward by Nancy Pelosi and Rep John Sarbanes.  It really touched all the important points – great first step.  It did not offer specific proposal for how to address all these items, given the political climate, but it was refreshing to see the specific agenda.

Take a look at the full article:

Here is a summary:

  1. Letting People Vote
    1. New guidelines for drawing district lines fairly
    2. Automatically register voters
    3. Commit to voter security
    4. Restore the Voting Rights Act
  2. Removing Money From Politics
    1. Campaign finance reform
    2. Put an end to ‘dark money’
  3. Curbing Conflicts of Interest
    1. End lobbyist loopholes
    2. Keep legislators from holding positions on for-profit boards
    3. Stop allowing the private sector to give bonuses to employees that accept government positions
    4. Increase the power of the Office of Government Ethics

Obviously, this is very ambitious.  But it is encouraging that a discussion of the critical issues may really happen – a great first step.

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