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Less Testosterone Might Help?

October 1, 2018

We experience it almost every day – political infighting, combativeness, hostility and blatant disregard for the health of our democracy.  Preservation of political power is of higher priority than the general welfare of the Nation, let alone the health of our democracy.  The political elite seem to have contempt for the general electorate.  Political decisions do not reflect the desires or opinions of the majority of the electorate.  We are witness of mortal political combat.  This not what was intended by our country’s founders.  

Politics has been and largely continues to be predominately a male domain.  Men, by their very human nature,  tend to be macho and willing to fight for what they want.  That ‘maleness’ is driven by testosterone.  Granted it is not universal and not all men are equally ‘afflicted’. But the tendency is evident.  In times of war, this is a great attribute.  But while it may seem that we at war in our politics, we must not be – for the survival of our democracy and for the general well-being of all citizens.  

In contrast, women, by their human nature tend to be less combative, more nurturing, more open to discussion, willing to negotiate peaceful outcomes.  So just maybe a part of the solution to the dilemma we find ourselves in is to reduce the testosterone in politics by electing more women.  There are many qualified women.  That is not an obstacle.  It is more of a cultural issue.  Male dominated society has been with is for ages.  It is a time for a change.  With a national election on the horizon, this is a clear opportunity.  Success will depend on each of us individually.  Think about it.  Vote.

Photo by Cornell University Library

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