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Is Pride One of Our Problems?

March 19, 2018

We live in an interconnected global community.  Many, if not all, of our contemporary problems are being faced and worked on by other communities and other nations.  Our version of a problem may well be nuanced by our particular circumstances and societal value, but basically very similar.  In my many years as a private sector executive I learned to look at how others solved problems that were similar to mine.  This is commonly known as a search for ‘Best Practices’.  In this way one can avoid going down blind alleys in trying solutions that failed when others have tried them.

Our apparent refusal to address our problems by searching out best practices comes down to a matter of pride.  Are we so proud that we believe that only us can define a solution that will be the very best?  We have more problems than we have time and resources to address.  So, if there is a proven solution out there, irrespective if it is the very best or not, why not adopt it?

Pride may also be a hinderance in other aspects of our political lives.  We are so polarized.  We seem incapable of open-minded listening to those with different views.  Is this an example of absolute pride in our our own beliefs and values.  Shouldn’t we admit to the possibility of being wrong, or that others may have better ideas than ours?  This has been the case and worked in the past.  The Massachusetts healthcare law, known as ‘Romneycare’  was used as a template for what became Obamacare.  Internationally, other countries have looked at the US constitution as an example to model their own democratic constitutions.  It clearly works.  Our issue is how we find and elect people of this mind to our government.

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